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Welcome to Scabenga, a place on the internet where you can forget your troubles and read about the world through the eyes of me. Now you might be wondering who I am and why I have  website called Scabenga. By reading my posts you will get an idea of who I am and what I do and where I go.

This is not a typical blog where I write about the fairies in the world. I write about things that interest me and me alone. I have my opinions and I am not afraid to write about them. I am not biased in any way and anything on my website is my own thoughts. You will not be able to change them unless you pay me. Get your money read folks… :)

What will you be reading on Scabenga? 

Here you can read about the World News and my opinions about all the weird and wonderful events that are happening. Some of the events are good and some of them are not so nice.

You can read about all Travels around the world. The places I have been too and also the places that I would like to go and see in the future. I do like to venture out of the house and see the world, so you will hear about some interesting places to visit on your own travels.

If you are not familiar with what I do for work, I play on the internet and I help people get their business online and you will hear about the businesses that I am helping. Every business from an Electrician in Botswana to Plumbers in London. I am The Dude of the internet world.

So again, Welcome to the world of Scabenga and enjoy reading my website. If would like to get in touch with me and talk about Scabenga or anything that I have discussed on the website please send me an email.

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