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Women with a Sense of Humor

Women with a sense of humor

It is the beginning of the week and it is the worst day of the week. Yip it is Monday Madness where nothing ever seems to go as planned, deadlines are always late and all in all the worst way to spend 1/7 of your life.

So here is a selection of women with a sense of humor, showing they can take crazy, naughty pictures. Slap Stick humor.

Came Toe

Camel Toe, cameltoe

Scabenga had so much support from the last post about Camel Toe that we though… Why not do another to say thank you for reading.

So we bring you the Champions of Camel Toe pictures, we have celebrities, hot women, and random hot women.

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Tan Lines are Lush


The Olympics is around the corner and the rain is still falling in the UK and to be honest you can see how down and sad people are about this.

Scabenga says NO.

It is summer time and it will be on of the best summers ever. How are we going to do this, well we can smile at people. You can say good morning to your neighbor before you set off to work…. Boring

Why not make yourself feel better by combining the sun and hot women. What do you get if you cross the sun with sexy women? You get Hot Women with Tan Lines.

Enjoy readers of Scabenga and don’t forget to share the love


Monday Blues – Happy Hump Day

Happy Hump Day

What a wonderful Monday morning … NOT.

As I look out my office window in the heart of the West End of London, all I see is rain falling, umbrella’s and people wearing wellies. Not what you would be expecting during the summer but this is Britian and Summer’s here SUCK.

So with this in mind, here is something that will perk up you Monday and put a smile on your dial. We know that a beautiful bum makes most smile so with this we want to make you smile. LOTS OF BUMS.

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Scabenga Over and Out


Mind the Gap


We have managed to get through Hump Day and Friday is around the corner. Yippee.

Have you got an exciting weekend planned, are you going to be changing the world or celebrating that it is the weekend.

Scabenga likes to celebrate this extraordinary feet of almost the weekend, we bring to you some of the most beautiful ladies who posses some of the best Mind the Gap poses.

Mind the gap is the light at the end of the tunnel… :)

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Female Fitness Models

female fitness 8

It is Friday and with that we are going to be celebrating the beautiful role of a Female Fitness Model.

As you know Scabenga love the Fitness model and you can see some of the beautiful ladies in our Profile section and also all the lovlies in the Hotness section and with the this we are only scraping the top of the iceburg that is the Female Fitness world.

We have noticed that the main country to produce the hottest female fitness models is the USA, we have profiled one or two UK stars but we need more… Challenge Accepted.

But for now, enjoy your Friday and enjoy these beautiful blossoms and keep coming back and see who we have spotted for you to check out.

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Edible Lingerie


They say a man wearing a suit is to a girl wearing lingerie.

Now I am sure that is the case but are you going to tell me that men in suits look better than these absolute stunners… I think NOT.

Have a look at these wonderful women wearing what has to be the best out fit. If they were in the Men in Black movie this would be the last suit they would ever wear. It just works.

So enjoy your Thursday and and for the gentlemen why not buy your girlfiend, partner, wife some lingerie and for goodness sakes women, wear it with Pride.

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Love the Sun, Love the Tan Lines

Love the sun, love Tan lines

There is a lot of fuss about global warming and how bad the sun is and we understand that it is bad for you but have a tan looks a hell of a lot better than a pasty complection.

With it being summer here in the UK, well if you class this weather we are having as summer we are going to focus of the possibilities of what the sun can do to do to a lovely female body.

The sun can change a way a body looks in a bikini ten fold and here is a selection of some beautiful babes who stand in the face of cancer and bronze their bodies.

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Friday Fit Girls

sexy-hot-fit-girls-7 (1)

The week is completed and some have had a fab week, getting stuff done and you have reasons to celebrate, some have had an average week and are ready for the pub and some of you have had a really bad week and just want to drown your sorrows.

Never fear, Scabenga is here to help put a smile on your faces. We are not prejudice to how your week has gone, we are here for all types of moods.

Today to finish off you Friday we have a great selection of what we like to call in the Industry “Fit Girls

I know that is a brave statement but they are…. check them out for your self.

Happy Friday from Scabenga 

Hump Day 101

So Hump Day has come to an end and that means it is almost the weekend. It is such a nice feeling to know.

For those of you that do not know what Hump Day is, we take you to the best dictionary on the Internet – Urban Dictionary for a description.

So now that you know what Hump day is we can now celebrate it in a truly Scabenga way. We have scoured the interweb looking for some beautiful humps to make you smile on the glorious Wednesday. Simples