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Tan Lines are Lush


The Olympics is around the corner and the rain is still falling in the UK and to be honest you can see how down and sad people are about this.

Scabenga says NO.

It is summer time and it will be on of the best summers ever. How are we going to do this, well we can smile at people. You can say good morning to your neighbor before you set off to work…. Boring

Why not make yourself feel better by combining the sun and hot women. What do you get if you cross the sun with sexy women? You get Hot Women with Tan Lines.

Enjoy readers of Scabenga and don’t forget to share the love


Funny but True

This image is funny but yet so true. Have a giggle and dont forget to share the love…. Follow us on Twitter

Funny yet True


IFBB PRO Jordan Renee


On Scabenga’s Girls section, we have feature and talked about some seriously hot ladies and here is an absolute beauty. Her name is Jordan Renee and she is what we here at Scabenga HQ call HOT HOT HOT.

Jordan has been into sports and being fit since she was at school, it was her favourite class and she has not lost her enthusiasm for it, she has now mastered the art of being fit.

From my research into Jordan, sha has ben competing since 2010 and is going from strength to strength and that is a good thing for the fans. She needs to be around for a while.

Please have a look at her pictures and check out her fab body that she has been crafting for many years, damn near perfect. Forget the lady in the red dress from the Matrix, check our Jordan in her stunning blue dress.

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Awesome Photoshop Pictures

We do love finding awesome pictures that people have taken, Sgt Wes is an example but I bring you some one with a unique talent with Photoshop. I am sure most of you know and have used photoshop before, some have the skill and some do not. This guy has some serious skill.

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Crystal Matthews

Crystal Matthews

I must admit I do love finding and talking to beautiful women and I have found another lady for you to check out. Her name is Crystal Matthews, she is USA based and as you will see from her pictures below, she is hot hot hot.

Crystal is new to the Fitness world and she is taking it by storm. She placed very well in her first competition, 2010 Jr. USAs in Houston 2nd place tall class and she just keeps on getting better.

The one thing I love about Crystal is she really enjoys what she does and for the readers and her fans that shows in her shows and you can see it from her body. Not only is she a hottie but she has brains too. She is considering starting on my Masters Degree in Psychology. wow.

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HoT Tease- Female Fire Dancers


Have you heard about HoT Tease, they are a group of Super Sexy Fire Dancers in South Africa and they are taking the entertainment world by storm.

They are part of Afrodizzyacts, an entertainment agency in South Africa, who supply performers all over  South Africa. If you are an event organiser or are looking to bring some excitement to your party then Afrodizzyacts is definitely the agency for you. They cater for Corporate Events, Night Clubs, Private Parties, Weddings, Stag Nights, Hen Nights, Outdoor Events, Children’s Parties etc

I have been following Afrodizzyacts for a number of years and they are innovative with the performers that they are able to supply and HoT Tease is no different. The women are absolutely hot and they are very good at what they do. They put on an excellent show.

If you would like to discuss HoT Tease or Afrodizzyacts then please get in touch with Natalie on:

Tel: 00 27 82 087 5748

Email: afrodizzyacts@hotmail.com


Surf Girls

Surf Girls

The is something special and wonderful about the sun, the beach, the ocean and obviously what would all these lovely elemets be with out some beautiful Surf Girls.

Babes in bikinis riding waves must be one of the hottest things to watch, second to riding them as well, and when I say riding them, I mean riding the waves with them. Naughty Thoughts :)

So with this I bring you some wonderful pictures of girls surfing, riding the might waves of the world. Have a look and and as always enjoy. Do not be afraid to share the love at the botton of the post. Let the whole world see these wonders of the world.

Have a good weekend.


Strong is the new Skinny

I absolutely love this picture with this slogan. As you know Scabenga likes a women and by women we dont mean stick insect. Strong is the new Skinny is the way the world should be moving too.

new skinny

Jessica Leandra dos Santos

Jessica Leandra dos Santos

No Most of you will be asking who the hell is Jessica Leandra dos Santos. To be honest I did not know who she is either, Google her here. From what I can gather from Channel 24 in South Africa, Jessica has had her sponsorship from FHM dropped because she was using Twitter badly to say the least.

Now I love seeing stupid people doing stupid things and Jessica was so Stupid. This is what she tweeted. “Just, well took on an arrogant and disrespectful kaffir inside Spar. Should have punched him, should have”.

Read the story on FHM South Africa

Now what is she going to do? She may have to go and apply for a job in Spar now. haha. Everything comes about in circles. Silly women.

For you who want to know what she looks like, here you go.


Friday is finally here

This is the best Friday Feeling PIcture in the world. Well done Scabenga

Friday Feeling