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Mugabe Motorcade Accident: Another Example Of An Uncaring Regime


This week saw another sickening accident in which one innocent life was lost, after Robert Mugabe’s motorcade was involved in a crash which has only now begun to raise questions about the safety of having so many speeding vehicles accompanying the dictator on his travels. The convoy, which has been satirically nicknamed “Bob and The Wailers”, has hit the headlines yet again for all the wrong reasons. Here is the full story:

Not the first time

This isn’t the first accident in recent times. In the last two weeks alone there have been three other similar crashes all which caused injuries to bystanders and one which resulted in the loss of life.

A fortnight ago, a homeless man was killed when he was hit by a motorbike from the presidential cavalcade, which was travelling through Mugabe’s hometown of Zvimbia. Mugabe was, at the time, on his way to the funeral of headman Enock Chipurio. Bystanders at the scene claimed that the man had stood no chance of survival after he was more or less ripped apart, losing his legs as the motorbike ran him over.

At the time, when questioned as to why the motorcade had not stopped to assist at the scene, Mugabe’s spokesman George Charamba said that the man had died “there and then” and “hadn’t stood a chance of survival”. He also added that he would now be given a “pauper’s burial, after he’d been taken to the mortuary”. Full details of this horrific story can be found here.

This is not the first time his motorcade has caused the death of an innocent homeless person, someone who seemingly had no personal belongings, effects, family members, mortgage or other money issues to worry about. Back in 2005 it was reported that whilst travelling to Banket to campaign in the elections, his convoy ran other another pauper, instantly killing them, and again failing to stop to give any sort of help or assistance.

On the same trip this year in which this homeless man was killed, members of Mugabe’s guard were also killed alongside several others who were severely injured when a truck from the same cavalcade overturned after one of it’s tyres burst some sixty miles away from Harare.

Mugabe usually travels with a convoy of ten vehicles, each travelling at high speed and using flashing and glaring headlights to make their procession through wherever they travel. This group is usually made up of the presidential limousine, army vehicles and motorcycles. According to current Zimbabwean law, it is forbidden to prevent the progress of the President’s motorcade for any reason whatsoever. It also forbidden for anyone who sees the convoy approaching or passing to make obscene gestures or use disparaging language towards either the President himself or anyone in his party.

Details of the crash

The crash which happened this week actually occurred on the Robert Mugabe Highway which lies on the outskirts of his hometown of Zvimba. The car that caused the crash is thought to have been the one which was leading the motorcade as it made its progress through the village. The convoy travels with flashing beacons and sirens, and a police spokesman said that a bus driver had failed to heed the warnings sounds of the approaching motorcade and that that was in effect what had caused the head on collision between the bus and Mugabe’s vehicles.

He went on to strongly urge people “to pull off the road if they hear a siren or see a blue beacon” in a report which you can read in full here.

In another interesting article pertaining to the story, which you can read in full from the New York Times here, the ZANU-PF’s party spokesman tweeted that “It was a minor crash and we regret the death of the few who died”.

This accident in particular has resulted in the loss of one life and the serious injuring of fifteen others, the conditions of whom are not yet known. It seems so dismissive to call it a “minor” accident. Surely anything which results in the death of innocent bystanders constitutes a serious incident? Not so, according to the opinion of Mugabe’s party anyway, which is unsurprising really.

The danger of Zimbabwe’s roads

Previously, it had been reported worldwide that the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangari was injured and his wife killed in 2009 when his convoy was hit by a lorry, although this was slightly different situation to the one reported here involving Mugabe. The roads themselves are said to be generally notoriously tricky with many politicians involved in other accidents or near misses in recent years.

The question is, how many people have to die before something is done to stop this kind of needless accident happening? It just seems to be yet another example of a tired, supercilious regime that care little for their people.

Robert Mugabe: Running Scared

images (1)

Press reports in Zimbabwe suggest that Robert Mugabe is panicking and running scared after a court ruling which means that any Zimbabweans accused of Human Rights Abuses can be legally tried in South Africa.

Zimbabwean Torture

There is mounting pressure, stemming from two organisations. Firstly, the Southern African Litigation Centre and secondly the Zimbabwean Exiles Forum who are both demanding that South Africa arrests and formally prosecutes seventeen Zimbabweans who have previously been accused of Human Rights Abuses which include torture. Their case for this immensely important ruling came to bear in March of this year and the result itself was only made known a few days ago. This ruling is now being touted as a unique landmark for African justice because it effectively means that crimes committed in one country can be tried and appealed in another.

There is mounting pressure on Mugabe to relinquish his hold on power and has personally admitted in recent days that his party has in fact lost some of the votes it had held in the 2008 election in areas of the country that were previously seen as staunch Zanu-PF.

Both legal and political commentators feel that his reaction is clear proof he is personally scared of the ramifications of this ruling, particularly seeing as in recent weeks the former leader of Liberia, Charles Taylor has been tried and imprisoned for fifty years for committing crimes against humanity.

Mugabe attacked the ruling court judge Hans Fabricus derogatorily calling him a “Boer” and likening his decision to investigate the matter a “second apartheid”. He also claimed that Mr Fabricus had no understanding of how the law works.

However, both the Deputy Minister for Justice Obert Gutu and the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangari have said that under law there is nothing Mugabe can do as “the wheels of justice where in motion and the ruling was binding”. Mr Gutu further added that “it is only the criminals who are afraid of the recent ruling by Justice Fabricus”.

The activists who have brought the case to bear say they have compiled a complex dossier of events relating to crimes, abuses and atrocities committed and want a trial to happen in South Africa as soon as possible. However, it is unlikely to happen for quite some time as the ruling may ye be appealed.

Human Rights Abuses

This ruling has particular pertinence to the Human Rights Abuses which occurred during Tsvangari’s MDC Rally in March 2007, the opposition party to Mugabe’s Zanu-PF. During this particular event Mr Tsvangari and some forty nine other members of his party were taken away and severely attacked and beaten by the police. A journalist who at the time took photos of the happenings and released them to the foreign media at the time was kidnapped and murdered a short time later. After Mr Tsvangari was released he stated he had taken such a severe beating he had lost a tremendous amount of blood and sustain severe injuries to his head and body. At the time, Zimbabwean controlled media had claimed that although beatings had taken place this was because the opposition demonstrators had caused damage to property and cars, meaning that many people were forced to leave their homes and business and had to pay out considerable sums of money to repair their shattered properties and vehicles, not to mention the costs involved in insuring a hire car so they could continue to go about their day to day lives. This was also alongside finding contents cover for their houses and personal belongings.

Zanu PF members also claimed at the time that the MDC had deliberately flouted laws on political rallies and demonstrations and that this was another reason why they had acted as they had.

Longstanding Problems and History

Human Rights Organisations are of the opinion that these sorts of abuses and tortures were commonplace before this happened and are still widespread now. There are issues surrounding torture, starvation and freedom of speech among many other violations of basic rights. There were also claims that journalists and other media reporters were subjected to forms of torture and repression alongside other political and civil activists who had entered the country to report on what was happening there. It will surely be of interest to see what happens next in this case and whether Mugabe can be removed from power once and for all. For the latest on this landmark case and to read more about the ramifications, the ruling and what it means you can visit this link here.

Janet Henson is a freelance writer from England who covers current affairs and travel for a number of journals around the world. It’s a shame that what was once the breadbasket of Africa now stands facing such a torrid future, largely due to Mugabe.

Robert Mugabe – Leader for Tourism

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe at National Heroes Acre in Harare

I keep getting shocked by Robert Mugabe, does he not realise who and what he is. The audacity of him asking to be the leader of tourism and then the shocking part is they actually give it to him. WTF!!!

A leader of tourism is meant to be someone who paints a nice picture of travel and the countries, the papers have mentioned the likes of David Beckham, Drew Barrymore and a few others. Lets be honest when Beckham invites you to a country to increase the tourism that is almost inviting. Rihanna has been made ambassador for Barbados, she is on tv and in the papers for the right reasons, always smiling and cheerful not like old Bob.

Mugabe only goes in the papers because of some ludicrous, idiotic notion that he has summoned up from the depts of hell and yes this idea of him as a leader of tourism is exactly that.

If I was not originally from Zimbabwe and was thinking of going to see the might Victoria Falls, I would go via the Zambian side, lets be honest he will and it will only be by his hand that he ruins the tourism in Zimbabwe.

When oh when he will be removed from power and tried as the ethnic cleansing, rigging elections, terrorising opposition, controlling media and presiding over a collapsed economy. That should do the trick I think.

Over and out

Poem about Mugabe

magabe 3

And Mugabe awoke with a hoof on his
throat and he struggled and howled to be free,

And tripped on the racks of his
English shoes and clawed at his English suits,

And crashed down the unlit
corridors where his wife has collected her loot,

Screaming “You may not condemn me –
there are by-laws and statutes and fines”

But the Devil replied “God’s law
trumps that, and by his law you’re mine.”

Come, see what you’ve done to your
people, see what you’ve done to your land,

And then I’ll haul you back into
the light, and see if you understand;

Then the Devil seized him by his
neck and dragged him up into the night

And Bob hung limp, for one against
one was not his idea of a fight

They spiraled down to a wasteland,
and Mugabe sprawled on his face,

“Spare me, spare me” he whimpered,
“spare me this terrible place”,

For he saw charred beams and
scattered bricks, filth and ruin and weeds,

And through the dawn came children,
sifting the dust for seeds.

“Eight years ago” said the Devil,
“this place was heavy with maize,

There was fruit on the trees and
crops in the earth and grass for the cows to graze,

It was farmed by those who loved
the soil, who knew it and tended it well,

And now it’s farmed by cell phone,
from the Monomotapa hotel.”

“Racist” screamed Mugabe,
“Imperialist, Colonist, Queer!

These people are free, that’s down
to me and that’s why I rule here!”

“Free to do what?” asked the Devil,
“to cower and cringe to survive?

The farms are going, the work is
gone, now only your thugs can thrive,

Preying on women and children,
feeding on horror and fear,

Flying flags of hate and despair
that had no business here;

Look at your mindless militias,
look in each alien face,

Condemned by their own insanity,
exiled for life from the race,

Watch them go into action, cheer as
they take up the fight,

Beating up Zimbabweans for the
crime of being white,

Red-eyed from drink, thick-tongued
from drugs, watch them go off on a spree

Burning the homes of Africans who
dared to be honestly free.”

Mugabe licked his lips and
whispered, “All freedom comes at a price,”

“Indeed?” said the Devil “And for
the record – what was your sacrifice?

Did you give blood to the struggle?
How many times were you mortared?

Or did you play politics in a
hotel, and wait till your rivals were slaughtered?

If ever you tasted honour or pain
those tastes were long since forgotten,

Eclipsed by the flavours of power
and greed, the aromas of all that is rotten.

Come, Mugabe” and up they flew and
soared over country and town

And each time they swooped, hunger
and horror reached up to pull them down,

And the souls of children streamed
past them, and on and up into the light

And Mugabe whimpered and twisted, to
shield his eyes from the sight

“Sons of despair,” said the Devil
“and daughters of desolate selves,

It’s the West that gives food to
your people, while your cronies are stuffing themselves,

The West you despise and prosecute
is the innocent’s sponsor and friend,

But when your young ‘veterans’
seize the supplies, these fragile lives have to end;”

“I did not know,” croaked Mugabe
and the Devil applauded with glee:

“Save your lies for Mbeki, they
make no impression on me.

Now, look at the shuttered factories,
look at the overnight queues.”

“Blame the British,” Bob stammered,
“the whites, the Norwegians, the Jews.”

But the streets sent up a whisper,
a whisper as loud as a roar:

“The old man who stole three
elections – it’s time that we showed him the door!”

A scream rose up from the city, a
scream rose up from a cell,

And the Devil plunged them into the
earth and a cameo from hell

Of shadowed figures with smiling
lips that shone with delight and disdain,

Of a body convulsing and wrenching,
shaking apart from the pain;

“Applaud your police,” said the
Devil, “corrupted beyond repair,

And caress the electrodes, the
batons and guns, and the innocent tied to the chair.”

But as Mugabe stretched out his
hand the scene was gone in a flash,

And he stared instead at a drive
full of Mercs and a house full of money and trash,

And then at the gloom of an
upstairs room, heavy with malice and lies,

Where fat men sat and talked
poison, avoiding each others’ eyes:

“Here are your generals,” the Devil
hissed, “your ministers, judges and hacks,

They have fortunes and forex and
farms they can’t farm, it’s only a future they lack,

Do they flee for Malaysia , Libya ,
France with their women and all they can pack?

Or do they just turn and remove
you, and claim dispensation for that?

Look at the wealth that seeps from
them, and then hold your nose at the stench

Of the paltry crew that cleave to
you, the cowards, the fools and the French;

See them plotting and scheming;
hear your folly despised,

Even your reptiles want you gone –
you made them, are you surprised?

Now do you know what you are
Mugabe, now do you understand?

You’re the Lord of the bloated
thousand, and King of an empty land.

What gave you most pleasure Mugabe?
Which wickedness tasted most sweet?

The mass murder of
Ndebele? The children with nothing to eat?

The whites you had casually
butchered? The election results that you changed?

Or the war that you fought in the
Congo , for diamond commissions arranged?

The perversion of half of the
system? The enrichment of those you despise?

The limos and money and power? The
lies and the lies and the lies?

I ought to admire you Mugabe;
you’ve certainly earned your hellfire,

And all for small motives, self
interest and fear, that aspect I have to admire;

Better by far that you never had
lived, Robert Gabriel,

The world will heal the wounds
you’ve left, but I cannot heal you in hell!”

Then the Devil’s right hand grabbed
Mugabe, and Mugabe he screamed in his fright,

And scrabbled and pleaded and
whimpered and begged…

And awoke to an African night,

And sweated and panted and
shuddered, calling his aides to his side,

Reconstituting his ego, his vanity,
evil and pride,

But then screamed again, recoiling,
from that he could not bear to see:

The slogans burning his eyes
from the walls and the words… we
want to be free!

Enough is enough! Zvakwana!! Sokwanele!!

The Devil meandered down Second,
and strolled up Samora Machel,

“The brave will inherit,” he
murmured, “when I have Mugabe in hell:

And the dawn will return to
Zimbabwe , and children will learn how to smile,

Zimbabwe is one of God’s countries…
but at least it was mine for a while!”

Mugabe’s last lament

mugabe 2

Hold my hand I am dying, someone help me please,
With no-one in my hour of need; no loving hand to squeeze,
What pain, what excruciating pain, this prostrate cancer brings,
Whilst my eyesight dims in spasms, I reflect upon these things.

The distant drums grow louder with each passing hour,
Ancestors beckon from the grave, no place for me to cower.
What is this I see, surrounding me, the spirits of the dead,
Holding high before me, a black goat’s severed head.

What evil is this I see, as I am baptized in it’s blood,
My accusers wave of terror; I am enveloped in it’s flood,
A thousand Zulu warriors; they say they seek revenge,
Huge granite stones encircle me, Africa’s Stonehenge.

Britain where are you now in my dire hour of need,
Stop these drums now pounding, accusing me of greed;
Your colonialist white settlers join in force with others,
I stand accused and condemned, by your imperialist brothers.

Accused of heinous murder, torture and gluttonous theft,
Farmers torched from their lands until not one of them was left.
The souls of soldiers join the ranks, surrounding my death bed,
They too beat the drums in unison with my ancestral dead.

The drums have reached their zenith, ever torturing my soul,
My wealth, my gold and silver can never make me whole,
The baying of Hyena, I hear loud above the drum
The grim African reaper …for my dead flesh has come…

Written by Alf Hutchison

Mugabe 2012

Mugabe 2012

So I have recently found out about Joseph Kony and that got me and some friends of mine thinking, what about Robert Mugabe. He has been a tyrant for decades taking a Zimbabwe from the bread basket of Africa to a country in dire need of change and it has not been a case that the powers do not know who he is and what he has done to the beautiful country of Zimbabwe.

The question I ask and I know many of you have asked this as well, why do they not get him out of power. I remember a quote from Tony Blair when he was address the world on Saddam Hussein. He said “we will rid the world of dictators“. So why have they not done so and it is not cause Tony is not in power is it.

You have to ask what these countries that the dictators rule have to offer the world. They want a return for their efforts and in the for of wealth.

What is wealth, is it not a better life for the people being ruled under these mad men, is it not allowing a once fruitful country to try and get back to its former glory to again feed a hungry Africa.

Something has to change very soon. Follower the Twitter Hash tag #Mugabe2012 and lets get the world behind getting Mugabe out of Zimbabwe.

Kony 2012 – Invisible Children

Kony 2012 Invisible children Logo

WOW… That is all I can say after watching that video of Kony 2012.

I am guessing like many of you I had no idea who the hell this dictator was or to be honest is but I will tell you something, I don’t like him. How on earth has he gone for some many years with out notice. What are the worlds strongest nations, NATO doing about this criminal, this scum of the earth? Why have they not stopped him or even attempted.

Joseph Kony is known as the world’s worst criminal and to get a name like that and to be still getting away with it is honestly disgusting.

Powers of the world, Presidents of countries, CEO’s of social media websites you are the people who can help get him stopped, imprisoned, executed. Actually all of those sound to nice for a guy of his stature. He needs to be boiled at 87 degrees and then whipped till his flesh tears and then….. well let me stop there as it could get quite graphical.

Please spread the word and lets help stop Joseph Kony once and for all.

Please visit the website and pledge your support, I have.