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Gangnam Style Baby

Now we all like laughing at babies and yes we know it is not wrong but it is funny.

Now when you know the baby in question it becomes 10 times funnier. I wanted you to look at this little baby rocking it out. Gangnam Style

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Photos found in an old camera in South Africa

If you have been to Cape Town in South Africa before some of these pictures might look familiar to you. If you have not been there, have a look at some images that were taken out of a vintage camera back in the days.

When you are looking through you will see how formal people were when they went to the beach, now days the smaller the out fit the better. You will see Cape Town Station, what a classic quote buy one of the biggest beer brands back in the days “South Africa is LION Country” – Classic.

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Barney Stinson: Best Top Ten Quotes

The Bro Code

The top 10 Barney Stinson quotes. How I Met Your Mother.

Camel Toe for the Guys at Home


Here on Scabenga we are here to help and there has been a request from the Boys at Home for some Camel Toe as there is not a lot about at the moment.

So being the helpful site we are, here is a selection of pictures as well as a video treat.

Signs to Ponder

Signs to Ponder

Here is some awesome signs that will make you think and laugh out loud (lol)

Have a look and do leave your feedback

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Ned Calls the Cable Company

ha ha

Now I have something that is going to make you laugh your head off.  Now if you get offended easily then please do not click the link that says Ned Calls the Cable Company that is in orange at the bottom of the page.

Ned calls the cable company about the new Gay / Lesbian Channel that will be starting… Have a listen

Ned Calls the Cable Company

Mbichana Boys

No I am an avid YouTube fan and I must admit I can get lost in searches for random videos. Do you know when you start off watching a video on UFC and then you end up on Thai Midget kickboxing. Now I dont want you saying that that is bad, You all know you have done it. Now we are diverting…

So these lads from Zimbabwe who have come up with a music video that has gone viral and currently they have just under 15k people viewing the video on YouTube. Lets hope we can boost that a little.

They are the Mbichana Boys and their song is called Mbichana Mvura. Have a listen, it is very catchy and will grow on you and after listening to it a couple of times you will be singing the words.


Man Flu – Its Real

man flu

I think the time of the year has come and the symptoms have started to emerge, I do believe that I may be getting the Man Flu. Now I know already half of you are going “you poor man” (these people being guys) and the other half of you are going “its only a cold” (these being the female species).

I just want to set the record straight for all the women out there. Man Flu is a terrible disease that is only given to men because they are the only species on the Earth that can take the pain. God gave women childbirth and men Man Flu. I found this site and it best description of  Man Flu. Have a read of that and you will fully understand what we have to go through and all we want from the world is a little TLC (Tender Loving Care not the girl group).

This disease is so bad the BBC produced a short documentary for people to understand the Man Cold

What are friends for


What are friends for? Friends are there to look after you when you are down, look after when you are out, be there for when you need them. That is what you would like to think but in reality friends are there to challenge you, bring you down a level when you are being an idiot and mostly friends are there to help you build character.

Click on the link to open up the video

What are friends for?

2 Men Comedy Show

I am not sure if you guys have seen this video but it always makes me laugh. These two stand up comedians use a lot of props in their show. I could break it down for you but I suggest you have a watch and let me know what you think. Happy Laughing. Scabenga Jokes